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Feb 22nd, 2011
International SiC Power Electronics Applications Workshop on May 3-4, 2011
ISiCPEAW 2011 in Stockholm is a two days event presenting advances in silicon carbide technology with the focus on power electronics applications. We expect 200 attendees from the industry and application oriented researchers from all over the world to join the meeting. This is an opportunity to meet the SiC industry and discuss applications for SiC power electronics.
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This workshop aims to promote latest research and developments in silicon carbide for the worldwide industry. More precise we aim at power electronics applications, components, modules, packaging, reliability and benchmarking versus silicon power electronics. The industry is ready to move on to adopt SiC power electronics in many areas. Some major companies will present their prototype solutions.

Most of the workshop attendees are design engineers and technology managers from European companies but here are also a growing attendance from the USA and Asia. At last year workshop (2010) participated approximately 160 people coming from San Diego to Tokyo, working in different areas as photovoltaic solar power, car powertrains, high temperature electronics, space and high power converters.

B2B Matchmaking will be organised during the workshop and all participants will have the opportunity to book One-on-One meetings. This is a quick and easy way to meet with potential cooperation partners.

2011 the workshop will be held in Stockholm/Kista in the conveniently located “Kista Science Tower” conference and exhibition area. In combination with this workshop we will have a tabletop exhibition area.

This event is organised by Acreo, Yole Développement, the Royal Institute of Technology and Enterprise Europe Network.

2011 List of Speakers:
• Tsunenobu Kimoto, “SiC R&D in Japan”, Kyoto Univ., Jp
• Philippe Roussel, "SiC market and industry update",  Yole Développement, Fr
• Madhu Sudhan Chinthavali, "WBG device technology for Automotive applications", Oak Ridge Nat Lab, US
• Hans Bängsson, Bombardier, Se
• Per Ranstad, Alstom, Se
• Kent Bertilsson, "High freq. Power converters", SEPS, Se
• R. Seyezhai, "SiC Based H‐Bridge Inverter", SSN Coll. of Eng. Chennai, In
• Adolf Schöner, "SiC Power Application Center", Acreo, Se
• J. McGonigal “SiC Power Systems for More Electric Transportation” Raytheon, UK
• Ranbir Singh, "SiC SJTs, Thyristors and IGBT Co‐packs", GeneSiC, US
• Peter Friedrichs, "SiC‐JFET", Infineon, Ge
• Jeff Casady, "SiC‐ VJFET", Semi South, US
• Martin Domeij, "SiC‐ BJT", TranSiC, Se
• Chris Harris, "1700V SiC – MOSFET", Cree, US
• Mari‐Anne Gagliardi, "TIVJFET and Solid State Circuit Breakers", United Silicon Carbide, US
• Antonio Scuderi, ST Microelectronic, It
• Jose Millan, "9 kV SiC Diods", CNM, Sp
• Dominique Planson, "SiC Thyristor", Ampere Lab, Fr
• Philippe Roussel, "Can GaN HEMT and Super Junction MOSFET move SiC out?", Yole Développement, Fr
• E Madathil, "Clustered IGBT in Silicon Carbide", University of Sheffield, UK
Drive circuts
• Carl Mikael Zetterling, ”SiC logic”, KTH,Se
• Jean‐Christophe Doucet, "Driver for SiC Switches", Cissoids, Be
• Andreas Schletz, "Die attach for SiC devices operated at elevated temperatures", Fraunhofer , Ge
• Marcus Behet, DowCorning, US
• Michel Mermet-Guyenne, PRIMES Platform, Fr
• N. Kaminsky Univ. Bremen, Ge
Christian Vieider 
Tel  + 46 70217 1654  

Bo Hammarlund
Tel  + 46 70741 2622

Sandrine Leroy 
Tel  + 33  47283 0189 

B2B Matchmaking
Håkan Sehlin
Tel  + 46 70550 3678

Registration fee. For 2011 we charge you € 150 each to cover cost for the workshop event.
Lunches and dinner is then all inclusive for two days!

Program and registration  www.acreo.se/ISiCPEAW
Sponsorship and exhibition, please click here

Kista:  Memory Hotel, Mr Chip Hotel, Kista Hotel
Stockholm:  Scandic Hotel, Royal Viking Hotel  and many others.

Access information
Please find hereby 2 maps to feel yourself comfortable in Kista and how to get to the workshop site:
Download the Stockholm – Kista subway map http://sl.se/ficktid/karta%2Fvinter/Tub.pdf
20 min from downtown Stockholm to Kista and then 10 min walk to the ISiCPEAW -Workshop

Download the Kista Science Tower map here.



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