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Mar 29th, 2012
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) awarded $20 million for supplying upgraded MOSP3000 electro-optic and IR systems to foreign customers
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will supply the upgraded Flir zoom Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilized Payload (MOSP) 3000 to 3 foreign customers. Contracts total worth is $20 million.
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15" MOSP3000
15" MOSP3000

The system will be on display during March 20 to 22, 2012 at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) which will be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Developed by IAI's Tamam Division, MOSP3000 new configuration includes a state of the art Infrared (IR) camera with a continuous optical zoom. In addition, the system incorporates advanced image processing capabilities that enhance targeting acquisition ranges.

MOSP3000 is a multi-sensor electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) payload - an evolution of the successful MOSP concept. The system 14" unit is designed primarily for UAS and aerostat platforms, while the 15" unit is designed primarily for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, naval vessels and ground applications that require enhanced ruggedized structures.

MOSP3000's open architecture design accommodates up to five sensors. The sensor package includes a continuous day color zoom camera, a continuous optical zoom thermal imaging cameras (640x480 detector format), a laser pointer and an eye-safe laser range finder. A laser designator & laser ranger finder (LDRF) can also be installed. A built in Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) is integrated in all the configurations.

IAI Introduces the Advanced "MicroPOP" Electro-Optic Stabilized Payload

IAI introduces a new version of its extra lightweight MicroPOP stabilized payload. The new MicroPOP version, developed by IAI's division Tamam, includes new thermal imager based on large format detector and a continuous optical zoom. In addition an Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) was integrated to enhance operational capabilities.

The MicroPOP is used for short-range observation missions. The system provides advanced, enhanced image capabilities for mini unmanned aerial vehicles (mini-UAVs).

The Micro-POP (Plug in Optronic Stabilized Payload) is a gyro-stabilized single sensor payload, which can be configured for day or night observation. This unique design provides an easy operation, maintenance and low cost to customer since one turret is used for both, day and night operation.

MicroPOP is part of the family of plug-in optronic payload (POP). These lightweight Electro-Optical (EO) payloads offer day and night observation capabilities. Applications include military surveillance and close awareness support for small units. Hundreds of units have been delivered to various customers around the world.

Future improvement that are planned for the MicroPOP includes additional sensors such as laser range finder, laser pointer and a packaging of Day and Night sensors in a single slice.

Shaul Shahar, TAMAM's General Manager said, "We are very proud in our new payload - it combines miniaturization technology with operational needs that was gained during the operation of the previous versions. The new IR camera was fully designed and manufactured in IAI and provides our customers with outstanding payload performance."



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