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May 2nd, 2014
Iwatch goes to manufacturing
System in package modules for Iwatch.
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The fruity cargo cult Apple has apparently taken its much hyped watch vapourware to manufacturing.

For years people have been saying that Apple was going to make a smartwatch and while rivals have already gone to market with their versions, the Jobs' Mob version has been nowhere to be seen.

According to a report emanating from the China Times, Apple's Chinese supply chain has begun churning out iWatch units in what is being termed as small quantities.

The article claims that this is in preparation for a launch some time in the second half of 2014. It says that up to three million devices will ship in the second quarter of the year, with production ramping up to 14 or 15 million by the end of the third quarter. The report points to earlier rumours of 65 million units to be shipped in 2014.

If that is the case then this is going to be Apple's biggest lemon in history. Smartwatches are retro technology which has only found a use among exercise nuts who use it to measure their heart rates. Apple will have to come up with something that is completely new for it to break that mould and at the moment game changing tech is not out there yet.

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