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Jun 24th, 2013
LABSMITH products now distributed in China by BYEC
LabSmith,Inc., a leading microfluidics lab equipment manufacturer, has formalized an agreement with Beijing Yanjing Electronics Company, LTD., known as BYEC, to distribute LabSmith’s products within China.
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Fig 1: The LabSmith LabPackage for a completely equipped micro-and nanofluidic workstation.
Fig 1: The LabSmith LabPackage for a completely equipped micro-and nanofluidic workstation.

This partnership gives Chinese R&D scientists access to an expansive range of tools for lab-on-chip experiments. BYEC, headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, is a distributor providing end-to-end solutions with tools to take the microfluidics customer from the clean room to the laboratory. LabSmith Inc., based in Livermore, California, offers a wide range of tools for innovative laboratory electronic and microfluidic solutions.

BYEC Director of Marketing, Wingel Zhang, describes the Chinese market in microfluidics as growing by leaps and bounds. “The government of China is investing heavily in R&D. Many researchers see the opportunity to develop technology or do exciting research by leveraging the microfluidics platform. LabSmith products simplify these experiments, but are sophisticated enough to enable researchers to perform and automate cutting edge research. We are excited to add LabSmith’s products to the tools we provide our customers.

LabSmith president and CEO, Kirsten Pace agrees, stating “The Chinese investment in R&D at the universities, government labs, and industry, creates an opportunity for the adoption and improvement of micro- and nano-technologies. As scientists move to platforms that leverage the advantages of small dimensional and volume scales, LabSmith tools can remove obstacles to their success with these technologies.

By partnering, BYEC and LabSmith can provide Chinese scientists with something more valuable than merely products – local service and support. “BYEC has both a local presence and a commitment to customer service including product demonstrations, installation and support. I am impressed with both the product knowledge and the application support that BYEC can offer our customers in China, “states Yolanda Fintschenko, Ph.D., Director of Sales, Marketing and New Technologies at LabSmith.

Fig 1: The LabSmith LabPackage for a completely equipped micro-and nanofluidic workstation is shown. LabSmith’s modular design for innovation meets confident control for reproducible results – from proof-of-concept to prototype. A high resolution version of this picture is enclosed.

About LabSmith, Inc.
LabSmith, Inc. builds laboratory tools that further the art of research. LabSmith products control all aspects of experimentation, including timing, synchronization, high voltage and current sourcing, fluid routing and event capture and visualization. Visit www.labsmith.com.

About BYEC
Beijing Yanjing Electronics Co., Ltd. (BYEC) is an integrated vendor and facilitator for scientific research centers, universities and R&D Dept. in companies. Since it was established in 1988, BYEC has been committed to providing scientific researchers with state-of-the-art instruments, equipments and overall solutions, such as electronic testing & measurement instruments, surface analysis & thickness measurement systems, life science instruments and plasma surface treatment equipments etc. Relying on our high quality products and service, BYEC has been one of the best vendors in this field.www.beijingec.com.

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