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Nov 13th, 2013
Lynx Equity completes synergistic acquisition of LED lighting company Valuelight Limited
Lynx Equity Limited (“Lynx”) announced that it has acquired Valuelight Limited (“Valuelight”), a leading Canadian lighting fixture manufacturer and distributor providing innovative energy efficient solutions for its clients’ interior and exterior lighting requirements.
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Valuelight has built its reputation on being a leader in innovative lighting solutions with the latest energy saving, lighting and green technologies available in the marketplace. “As LEDs are increasingly becoming the market standard, Valuelight’s reputation for responsiveness to customer needs, along with their innovative product line, make them an ideal addition to the Lynx group of companies,” noted Lynx Partner, Dustin Mandel. “Our existing lighting businesses look forward to building a synergistic relationship with Valuelight and capitalizing on each other’s strengths.” Valuelight joins Lynx’s expanding portfolio of 28 subsidiaries, including lighting businesses, Southwest Energy Control Systems and TechniLite. Valuelight is Lynx’s eighth acquisition in 2013. “We are thrilled by the growth that our group has experienced this year,” commented Lynx President, Brad Nathan. “We project this trend not only to continue, but to be surpassed in the year to come.”

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