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Aug 28th, 2012
MAPPER Lithography € 80 million financing deal for MEMS-based maskless lithography
The company announces the signing of a deal for a financing round of € 80 million.
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The round is led by the Russian $10-billion investment fund RUSNANO, whose headquarters are in Moscow. RUSNANO, which focuses on the development of the Russian nanotechnology industry through coinvestments in nanotechnology projects, will invest € 40 million. Another € 40 million will be contributed by current shareholders like ADP Industries, the investment vehicle of Mr. Arthur Del Prado, investment firm Parcom Capital (Parc-IT), Hoving & Partners along with Dutch high-end technology suppliers such as Technolution and DEMCON and innovation credits from AgentschapNL. Also other parties such as a number of Dutch individuals and family investment offices will contribute to the total amount.

Use of funds
The new funds will enable MAPPER to build new Matrix machines with initial throughput of one wafer per hour. The Matrix 1.1 version, which will be built in 2012, uses 1,326 beams to deliver 1 wafer per hour, 10 % of the beams required for the Matrix 10.1 machine, using the final number of 13,260 beams and which is capable of delivering 10 wafers per hour. A clustered version, the Matrix 10.10 will be composed of ten Matrix machines, each machine delivering 10 wafers per hour for total throughput of 100 wph.

In addition, MAPPER will expand its manufacturing infrastructure to 20 machines per year. Next to expanding the existing infrastructure in The Netherlands, part of RUSNANO’s investment will be used to establish a manufacturing site in Russia for MAPPER’s lens components. The micro electromechanical (MEMS)-based lens components system, one of MAPPER’s major innovations, will ultimately operate with more than 13,260 parallel electron beams simultaneously. The Russian MEMS fab will have sufficient lens element output for 20 machines per year.

The project furthermore aims to develop scientific cooperation with leading Russian research institutes. This investment will open access to cutting-edge technologies that had been closed to Russia before. MAPPER’s cooperation with CEA-Leti, TSMC and others through the IMAGINE program will drive global infrastructure for adoption of maskless lithography.

MAPPER Lithography, founded out of Delft University of Technology, is a Delft-based company focusing on the introduction of a groundbreaking maskless lithography infrastructure for the semiconductor industry. Its tools utilize an innovative multiple e(lectron)-beam technology with which next generation semiconductors can be manufactured more cost effectively. Whereas traditional optical lithography technology requires the use of a costly mask (up to € 2 million per chip module), MAPPER’s machines eliminate its necessity. Especially end-users of chips made in relatively low volumes, such as chips for mobile phones and cars, benefit from a maskless solution, since the mask costs are dominating the total costs. The e-beam technology combines high resolution and high productivity – up to 100 wafers per hour – with a lower cost in production.

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