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Jul 24th, 2013
MECASOLAR exceeds 400MW supply of solar PV trackers
MECASOLAR hit a record high of 400MW solar trackers supplied to and installed in more than 40 countries.
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In addition, the company got new orders for 200MW of HORIZONTAL SINGLE-AXIS solar trackers to be delivered over the next two years, which means that, by the end of 2015, it will have manufactured and installed 600MW in solar trackers worldwide.

These figures place the multinational firm among the leading companies in the solar PV industry. MECASOLAR provides a wide array of solutions including PV structures (azimuth or polar aligned single-axis trackers, horizontal single-axis and dual-axis trackers, and fixed structures, all of them with Mecascrew foundation screws).

All products delivered by the company meet the most important quality standards in America and Europe, including UL (USA), CE (EU), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is worth mentioning that MECASOLAR was granted the SOLAR AWARD 2009.

By market, until the second half of 2013, America will represent 23% sales and Oceania, 6%, while Europe, where the PV sector has expanded since 2006, is home to 69% of the installations. Asia and Africa get 1% MECASOLAR sales. By country, Spain, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, USA, Mexico, Canada and Australia are the main buyers of the firm’s products.


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