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Aug 28th, 2012
MEMS anti-stiction coatings patented
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded High Tech Services Inc. the patent No. 79274423 for the method of VAPOR DEPOSITION OF ANTI-STICTION LAYERS FOR MICROMECHANICAL DEVICES.
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This patent recognizes High Tech Services, Inc.’s unique equipment designs that significantly contribute to increased yields in the manufacturing of MEMS devices.

Manufacturing of MEMS devices is a very specialized field of semiconductor technology that produces microscopic parts that actually move as a function of their design. In the early days of MEMS development it became apparent that one of the handicaps of MEMS manufacturing is a phenomenon called Stiction, defined as "sticking friction". This is where two micro surfaces come in contact with each other; they stick together and cannot be unstuck. It is common for a MEMS manufacturer to spend many years and millions of dollars to develop a working device and then have it fail prematurely from the stiction effect. This is a problem that all MEMS manufacturers have to overcome before their devices are marketable.

High Tech Services coating systems and processes address and solve the stiction problem in many types of MEMS devices. This has been a major breakthrough for MEMS manufacturers as their production yields have been shown to increase to 100% with the application of our coatings. With more than 30 production systems installed into MEMS manufacturing facilities over the past 13 years, and with over 50 million MEMS devices processed in our systems, it is clear that High Tech Services is the industry leader for the deposition of anti-stiction coatings. To view a full presentation about the systems and technology go to.

The patent for VAPOR DEPOSITION OF ANTI-STICTION LAYERS FOR MICROMECHANICAL DEVICES was awarded to High Tech Services President Kenneth Abbott.

About High Tech Services
High Tech Services, Inc. was founded by Ken Abbott in 1983 for the purpose of providing engineering services to the semiconductor industry.  During the late 1980's we began moving more into the design and manufacturing of specialized equipment that we built for specific process applications. We are an engineering company that through our various background experiences solve problems for different industries. One of our areas of expertise is with vacuum equipment that is used in semiconductor manufacturing.

For more information on High Tech Services go to http://www.hightechservices.com

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