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Sep 19th, 2013
MEMS experts fathom out the ways to the next technology level
The MEMS market appears more vital than broad semiconductor market - it grew by 6% in 2012 - in contrast to general semiconductor market, which shrunk by 2.3%. At SEMICON Europa, a two-day conference is dedicated exclusively to the MEMS topic.
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The demand for MEMS is fuelled in the first place by automotive applications, but it is further amplified by innovative applications in smartphones and tablets as well as in medical devices and industrial equipment. Nevertheless, to maintain this growth and address these new markets, MEMS technology will need to diversify in terms of technology, business models and manufacturing strategies.
At SEMICON Europa, industry pundits are getting granular on current and future application trends. They also will discuss manufacturing concepts and business models: While today the IDM prevails as the business of choice in the MEMS industry, experts believe that the MEMS industry will follow the general semiconductor towards fabless MEMS production. Other issues to be discussed gyrate around they the question weather the necessary infrastructure is already in place. 

An entire session at the event discusses materials and process advances that bear the potential to bring the MEMS technology to the next level, the miniaturizing and power-related challenges of "sensory swarms", 3D integration, monolithic integration and much more. In the future, MEMS sensor application probably won't be restricted to acceleration and similar electromechanic factors but also to measure humidity and to analyze gases. These MEMS definitely will look quite different than today's. But how? At SEMICON Europa high-profile industrial leaders like Benedetto Vigna (STMicroelectronics), Ulrich Krumbein (Infineon) or Barnett Silver (ATREG) will discuss potential answers.

For more information on SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 8-10, 2013 in Dresden/Germany, and to view the entire agenda, visit www.semiconeuropa.org.

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