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Aug 31st, 2012
MEMSCAP & Hanking Group partner to expand in China
MEMSCAP, a provider of MEMS products and foundry services, announced this week that it has broadened the company's sales network in China by partnering with the Hanking Group.
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The collaboration is aimed to expand MEMSCAP's geographic footprint and increase the company's presence in China. The Hanking Group will begin offering training and sales support for MEMSCAP's MUMPs and MEMS Multi Project Wafers (MPW) processes to MEMS design engineers in China.

Fabricated out of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina MEMSCAP facility for twenty years, the MUMPs prototyping service has been operated by MEMSCAP since November 2002.  The hundredth run start is currently processing and is an important milestone in the life of MUMPs and MEMS Multi Project Wafers (MPW) services in general.  Since 2003, MEMSCAP has offered three unique integrated MEMS standard processes in PolyMUMPs, SOIMUMPs, and MetalMUMPs, claiming to be the only MEMS company in the world who can boast such a variety of low-cost MPW services and "easy, fast, and inexpensive" pathway to volume production.

MEMSCAP claims that MUMPs has delivered over hundreds of thousands of devices to different user groups from the academic, commercial and government sectors worldwide.  Results from these devices have provided proof-of-concept data for use in graduate theses, published conference papers and commercial product development.

Among others, one such effort is bringing advanced scientific measurement capability to high school and middle school programs: using sensors fabricated in PolyMUMPs, a company called Seacoast Science in Carlsbad, California offers a SeaPort Mini Gas Chromatograph for Education at an affordable, academia-friendly price because of the low-cost of fabrication that PolyMUMPs offers.

Originally developed as part of a DARPA-supported MEMS infrastructure program and initiated in 1992, MUMPs has developed into a standard MEMS process for thick metal (MetalMUMPs: 20µm thick nickel electroplating), SOI (SOIMUMPs: double-sided etch on bonded SOI-Silicon wafers) or polysilicon surface micromachining (PolyMUMPs: double polysilicon structural layers).

The MUMPs service, characterized by easy and cost-effective access to multiple standard processes, addresses the lack of accessible and affordable standard processes necessary to advance the development of commercial applications in the MEMS industry.  Via MUMPs, MEMSCAP claims that it has the most diverse standard process portfolio in the industry available for its customers.

The unique features of MUMPs enable side-by-side individual designs on the same mask set from multiple customers for fabrication on regularly-scheduled standard process runs.  To participate in MUMPs, customers purchase die sites and submit their own designs, adhering to the published design rules, in accordance with the published design deadline.  For each 1cm x 1cm die site reserved, customers receive 15 chips after fabrication at MEMSCAP.

MEMSCAP's standard and custom products and solutions include components, component designs (IP), manufacturing and related services.  MEMSCAP customers include Fortune 500 businesses, major research institutes and universities.

The Hanking Group was established on August 8, 1992, focusing on the businesses of mining, metallurgy, retail commerce, electronics, and precision manufacturing.  It is one of the largest private companies in iron mining and processing in northeast China.  Hanking Electronics, founded in 2010, is headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, is a privately funded company and a subsidiary of the Hanking Group.  It specializes in MEMS technology and focuses on developing, fabricating and marketing MEMS products and related electronics components.


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