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Sep 23rd, 2013
MNBS 2013 & EPoSS Annual forum 2013 is a great opportunity for the smart systems community to benefit from synergies in terms of building, networking and brokerage
On September 24 - 26, 2013 in Cork, Ireland
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COWIN announces the 7th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence (MNBS 2013) and the EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum, that will held for the first time a joint event. “The joint event is an excellent opportunity for the Smart Systems community to benefit from synergies in terms of community building, networking and brokerage, as well as opinion building and consolidation of a joint strategy towards Horizon 2020”, explains Géraldine Andrieux, COWIN Coordinator.

By co-locating the EPoSS Annual Forum, with its high percentage of participants from industry, and the MNBS Workshop which traditionally attracts many representatives from research organizations, the joint event is covering the full value chain from education, through basic research, to successful product launch. Make sure you will be part of the tomorrow’s smart systems community and discover below COWIN’s actions at MNBS 2013 & EpoSS Annual Forum 2013.

Industry session at MNBS 2013

This session will be an interactive discussion between key panelists and the audience. Aim of this session is to define key attractive MNBS topics to focus on in H2020 to turn smart systems solutions into new products and services with the support of the European Commission. During this session we will identify the key applications to invest in during H2020 regarding MNBS and also learn how to optimize the use of European Commission instruments to facilitate the exploitation of R&D&I projects, concrete examples.

This session will include a presentation of FoodMicroSystems roadmap and lessons learnt by COWIN action dedicated to support the commercial exploitation of European Commission projects results. The European Commission will also introduce the PCP (Pre-Commercial-Procurement), PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation) and SME instruments to facilitate the entry of participants into H2020. This session will be chaired by Géraldine Andrieux-Gustin, COWIN Coordinator and Christophe Cotillon, FoodMicroSystems Coordinator.

This session will include the following presentations:
- Patric Salomon, enablingMNT GmbH: FoodMicroSystems Roadmap: the key opportunities in food applications for MNBS
- Géraldine Andrieux Gustin, Yole Finance – COWIN coordinator: Bridging the gap from technologies to market, COWIN activities, results and best practices identified
- Francisco Bonal, DG CONNECT, European Commission: European Commission policy and tools to support innovation in H2020,
Alexandra Donny, Resah-IDF: HAPPI, a Public Procurement of Innovations project to bring solutions for Healthy Ageing
- Manus Rogan, Fountain Healthcare Partners: Experience of a private investor sharing the risk to bring early stage technologies into the drug discovery and diagnostic market

Panelists that will participate in the interactive discussion:

- Companies in Life Sciences: Shane Moynihan, Biosensia - Guillaume Lhermite, Primadiag
- Roadmaps & regulations of the food industry: Federico Morais, FIAB - Remigio Berruto, FoodforLife European platform
- Private investors: Manus Rogan, Fountain Healthcare Partners
- European policies & new tools: Francisco Bonal, DG CONNECT, European Commission - Alexandra Donny, Resah-IDF
- Regulations & health technologies assessment: Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, OSTEBA

For further information about this session, please contact Jérôme Mouly (mouly@yole.fr).

COWIN Marketplace

COWIN is organizing for more than 2 years now its COWIN Marketplaces, in parallel of key Smart Systems conferences & trade shows. By attending Marketplaces, we propose you to be part of COWIN network.

Indeed, dedicated to encourage the commercial exploitation of Smart Systems technologies developed in the course of FP6 and FP7 research projects, COWIN Marketplace is an excellent opportunity for you to benefit from synergies in terms of:

- Networking with technology brokerage, potential partners and customers through one o one meetings pre-qualified for you by COWIN experts
- Setting-up new collaboration for innovation projects
- Access to COWIN experts providing solutions to your specific needs.

During COWIN Marketplace, you optimize your time schedule while multiplying contacts with relevant partners or potential customers in your fields of interest. COWIN also facilitates your access to funding opportunities to accelerate your development and strengthen your leadership.

To register to the COWIN Marketplace, please click here.

Good to know … Attend COWIN’s training sessions and learn more about the best practices

On Sept. 25, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, COWIN is organizing training sessions. Aim of these sessions is to give you key information on best practice in setting up successful collaborations and in driving relevant innovation process in European R&D projects.

This program includes the following topics:
- “Increase your skills in business case approach to drive your R&D projects”
- “Enter into collaboration with the right production partner!”
- “Get prepared to deal with private investors”

Feel free to ask us further information about the COWIN Marketplace and Tutorials and prepare your participation to this event by contacting Jerome mouly (mouly@yole.fr, Tel: +33 4 81 18 52 43).

About MNBS 2013 & EPoSS Annual forum 2013
The 7th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems, MNBS 2013 will be hosted and co-organized by Tyndall National Institute on behalf of the European Commission. This year, MNBS 2013 will be held for the first time in conjunction with the EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum 2013.

For more information about:

- MNBS 2013 Forum, click here.
- EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum 2013, click here.

About COWINwww.cowin4u.eu
COWIN is a support action of the European Commission, successfully supporting the commercial exploitation of Smart Systems technologies funded by the European Commission. COWIN is supporting also companies and entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their projects. COWIN will support you to get in contact with investors and industrial partners to consider potential collaborations. We invite you to meet our experts during the COWIN Marketplace.

Géraldine Andrieux Gustin
COWIN Coordinator
c/o Yole Développement
Email: andrieux@yole.fr
Tel. : +33 6 75 800 829

Jérôme Mouly
COWIN partner
c/o Yole Développement
Email: mouly@yole.fr
Tel.: +33 4 81 185 243


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