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Jul 3rd, 2013
Market and business vision at Transducers 2013.
Yole Développement organized its MEMS Market Briefing at TRANSDUCERS 2013.
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Yole Développement calculates the MEMS industry overall saw another ~10% growth in 2012 to become an ~$11 billion business-- in a year when the semiconductor industry saw a ~2% decline. The Top 30 companies account for nearly 75% of that total MEMS market…

Transducers 2013 is winding down in Barcelona; a far cry climate-wise from Anchorage, the show’s2015 destination. So, what is a transducer? It’s a device that converts a signal from one energy form to another, and can act as both sensor and actuator.

Hundreds of PhD students and research companies attend this biennial event to make presentations and learn what’s in store for MEMS technology’s future. Fundamental papers are presented and discussed, and the show is critical for the future MEMS sensor and actuator market, since MEMS concepts are showcased in their early developmental stages before becoming an actual product.
This year’s show welcomed 40+ exhibitors  to present their latest innovative technologies.

Meanwhile, Yole Développement took an active role in highlighting the MEMS industry’s  industrial and market view. Yole Développement’s team conducted two MEMS manufacturing market briefings, in conjunction with Coventor, and an Emerging MEMS Devices briefing in tandem with Freescale. “Transducers is the place to meet the top researchers and academics developing tomorrow’s sensing technology,” said Marc Osajda, Director, Pressure Sensor Business Unit & EMEA Sensor Marketing at Freescale. “Also, the iCan student competition is refreshing, and shows  that sensor applications are limited only by our imagination.”

100+ people attended Yole Développement’s presentations and joined the networking event afterwards. Thanks to events like Transducers 2013, and humankind’s eagerness to sense, analyze and impact its environment, MEMS has a bright future.

Presentations are now available. Please click on the links below to download them:

Glass Substrates for MEMS Manufacturing – Technology and Market - HERE
Christophe Fitamant, Sales & Marketing Director, Yole Développement

• SEMulator3D - A Virtual Fabrication Environment for MEMS and Semiconductors
Christopher J Welham, Worldwide Applications Engineering Manager, Coventor

Emerging consumer applications are boosting the growth of the MEMS pressure sensor market and reshuffling the main players - HERE
Christophe Fitamant, Sales & Marketing Director, Yole Développement

Wireless Sensor Fusion – It’s already in volume production! - HERE
Marc Osajda, Director, Pressure sensors business & EMEA sensor marketing, Freescale

Yole Développement thanks each of the speakers for their great participation.

Feel free to contact Yole Développement and Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr) for any questions.




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