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Jun 15th, 2012
Masdar PV achieves efficiency record of up to 10% with their microcrystalline silicon thin-film modules
Having converted its production line to micromorph technology only about seven months ago, Masdar PV has reached another milestone in the development of its thin-film modules.
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  • Process optimization results in efficiency increase
  • Masdar PV experts collaborate with Helmholtz Zentrum

Within a very short time, the company’s R&D team, together with other experts, manufactured champion modules with up to 10% efficiency which is a new record for own modules. For Masdar PV’s customers this implies a higher energy yield for the same surface area, generating more profitability.

This achievement is a result of different collaborations with research institutes. The Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin was among those involved in this particular technological progress. Working with the experts from Masdar PV, the scientists specifically focused on optimizing the materials used in production. The results of their efforts are now in direct use in the production line in Ichtershausen.

The efficiency increase confirms once again the soundness of the corporate strategy on product improvement the company has had in place from the start, which is particularly its focus on collaborative research projects. By reaching this new efficiency level, the R&D team – with the support of its external partners – achieved another important milestone on the company’s technology roadmap. The R&D team remains committed to raising the efficiency of its micromorph silicon-based modules to 11% by 2013 and thus successively increasing the energy yields of its products. The driving force behind this progress will remain the high-skilled development department of the company, which permanently optimizes the used production facilities and materials to also enhance the cost-benefit-ratio for Masdar PV’s customers.


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