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Sep 24th, 2009
Melexis business update
Intermediate declaration by the Board of Directors.
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The economic situation short-term is improving and Melexis expects 2009 sales to develop rather towards
the higher range of the July 09 press release. Order rates have strengthened throughout the third quarter.
Attentive to bring about continuous improvement, we polish our organization to keep it resilient and to
prepare for the future. Melexis took the opportunity during the past market slack to finalize a major realignment
of our organization touching mainly the business creation groups (sales, product marketing and
The global workforce reduction as announced in January 09 was completed during HY1/09 in all sites,
except Erfurt because of local legal procedures to be followed which required more time. Looking ahead
also, the product mix of Erfurt (mainly due to the loss of the DVD business) required a more thorough reshuffle
to bring the organization to the same level as the other Melexis sites. Melexis management hence
decided that an additional headcount reduction of 13% (23 people) had become inevitable. Additional restructuring
costs of 600k EUR will be reserved for that purpose in Q3/09. Negotiations with the Works
Council have meanwhile been concluded and the exercise will be completed during the 4th quarter.
On September 22nd, 2009 Melexis officially opened its new building in Erfurt. Some of our innovative
products, for example MEMS, optical sensors and cameras, require a state-of-the-art environment which was
no longer economically achievable in the previous building. Equally, the new building is more
environmentally-friendly. Our return in terms of energy savings will make itself felt already this year.


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