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Dec 17th, 2013
MiNaPAD Call for papers
3rd Micro/Nano-Electronics Packaging & Assembly, Design and Manufacturing Forum organized by IMAPS France.
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«Bringing closer Design, Semiconductor, Assembly & Packaging communities »

Call for Papers - Deadline February 7th, 2014
3rd MiNaPAD Forum 2014
MINATEC Grenoble, France
May 20th‐22nd, 2014

General chair: Brigitte Braux, Program Chair: Gilles Poupon, Assistant Program Chair: Michel Garnier

Abstracts are requested on the following topics (350 words min.,one page max):
- Advanced Packaging: 2.5/3D Packaging, TSVs, interposers, wafer level packaging, fan-out WLP and embedded IC package, substrates (flexible, ceramic, laminates) PCB
- CAD and tools for I/O placement for advanced packaging, design for reliability, IC and package codesign, opto & RF package design, thermal &
mechanical modeling & simulation
- Digital deep submicron technologies for scaling nodes MEMS, sensors, actuators, RF miniaturization, smart system packaging & heterogeneous integration
- Innovative packaging for emerging and growing aplications: photovoltaic, wearable, medical electronics, bio-MEMS, Lab-on-chip power, LEDs, photonics, optoelectronics…
- Materials (adhesives, underfills, molding, dielectrics…), equipment and processes
- Emerging technologies and novel approaches : microfluidics, Carbon Nano Tubes, nanoscale integration
- Assembly manufacturing (BGA/CSP/QFP/QFN, flux, cleaning, dispensing, coating,…) and business aspects of the industry
- Reliability, wear out, test and characterization, electromigration, thermal management, power signal integrity
- Advanced interconnections: flip-chip, interconnections for advanced CMOS process nodes, WLP metallurgies, bumping techniques, non-traditional interconnections, PCB solutions, optical connection

- Your submission must include the mailing address, business telephone number and email address and the content must be without commercial information .
- Address your abstract to imaps.france@imapsfrance.org
- Authors will be notified of paper acceptance with instructions for publication before February 28, 2014
- Authors will be invited to submit a paper (no format) for proceeding publication (2 to 6 pages) before April 25th, 2014
- At the discretion of the program committee, submitted abstracts may be considered for poster presentation,
- Presentations conforming to the IMAPS template are May 16th , 2014
- Special sudent poster session: A poster session for students will adresss all of the above topics


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