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May 6th, 2014
Microfluidic meets quartz glass
The Little Things Factory is now in the position to offer a wide range of reactors and fluidic chips made of quartz (fused silica).
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In contrast to other glass materials, quartz glass provides a variety of advantageous product properties. These include inter alia

High transmission in the ultraviolet range

  • Low thermal expansion
  • Very high temperature stability
  • Very high thermal resistance
  • Very high thermal shock resistance
  • High purity of the material
  • Low own fluorescence

Therefore, customers could use the highest mixing efficiency with maximum UV-transmission and thus discover new standards in the photochemistry industry. All components will be fused by innovative bonding processes, to ensure maximum stability and chemical resistance.

About Little Things Factory:
As a leading supplier in the fields of microfluidic and flow chemistry, the Little Things Factory develops and produces high-quality components and system solutions made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for a variety of sectors. Typical applications in the fields of life science, chemistry and research & development are lab-on-chip products as well as microreactors as required in the fields of diagnostics, medicine distribution and implantology as well as the manufacturing of special chemicals.

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