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May 17th, 2011
Microfluidics company Dolomite signs agreement with Sphere Fluidics
The Dolomite Centre Ltd, designer and manufacturer of microfluidic devices, has signed a collaboration agreement with Sphere Fluidics, whose picodroplet technology performs thousands of simultaneous analyses on single cells and small populations of molecules.
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Sphere Fluidics is commercialising new lab-on-chip and picodroplet technologies developed at Cambridge University by company founders Professor Chris Abell and Professor Wilhelm Huck.

Sphere Fluidics offers extensive expertise in miniaturised discovery systems and services based on microfluidics and picodroplets. Focussing on storing and retrieving individual picodroplets containing a unique sample, their technology benefits a wide range of applications, including rapid antibody discovery, identification of novel algal strains and the generation of new biocatalysts.


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