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May 2nd, 2013
Microsemi expands power management portfolio with new radiation-hardened isolated DC-DC converters
Microsemi offers power train solutions for FPGAs, DSPs, CPUs, and MCUs used in Aerospace applications.
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Microsemi Corporation announced the release of a new family of radiation-hardened isolated DC-to-DC converters for aerospace applications. The SB30-100 family is designed for the rigors of space, providing single event effect (SEE) rated protection against "total dose" ionized radiation that can change the operating state of a device and cause it to malfunction. With the addition of the new SB30-100 family to its product lineup, Microsemi now offers complete power train solutions for FGPAs, processors, microcontrollers and other digital control systems.

"Microsemi has a long and proven track record of providing highly reliable, radiation-hardened components for space applications, and is recognized for our ability to modify devices to meet unique customer parameters," said Rob Warren, vice president and general manager at Microsemi. "The SB30-100 builds on this heritage of success, and aligns with our strategy to deliver synergistic solutions to challenging applications where performance, reliability and power are essential."

The SB30-100 family is designed and constructed using proven surface mount technology thus enabling customization significantly faster than lead times typically needed to build hybrid solutions. The converters also virtually eliminate an entire stage of power conversion, while decreasing the weight, cost and size of the total power supply. Key features include the ability to directly convert power from a satellite solar panel to end voltages required by FPGAs, DSPs, CPUs, MCUs and other digital devices.

The radiation-hardened DC-to-DC converters provide three independent isolated outputs typically at +5.0, +3.3 and +2.5 volts at 30 watts (W) total, which are each adjustable to +/- 10 percent. In addition, each output has its own pulse width modulation (PWM), enabling an output rail to be virtually immune to multiple simultaneous switching outputs (SSOs) on an adjacent rail.

Additional features include:
+100 Vdc satellite input interface
100kRad (Si) TID; SEE rated
Surface mount construction (non-hybrid)
30W total power, high efficiencies (75 percent or higher)
Patented magnetic feedback
Isolated synchronization input
Primary referenced on/off command
Over-current protection
Input under-voltage lockout
MIL-STD-1547B design de-rating criteria
100 percent space-level environmental screening
Standard mounting 2.05" x 3.05" x 0.60"
Single, dual and triple output options
80 MeVcm2 /mg version available
EMI compliance to MIL-STD-461


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