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Nov 15th, 2011
Modulight expands LimeLight product family with blue wavelength
Modulight announced the extension of its LimeLight product family with the introduction of the 465 nm (1 W) blue lasers single-emitter based systems for acne treatment and teeth whitening.
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This release comes as an addition to the established LimeLight family that comprises lasers for medical, industrial and defense applications in the range of 465-1550nm with output powers up to 1.5W. Standard products come with fiber output with SMA-905 connector, integrated driver, and cooling controller. LimeLight systems can be controlled through a USB port with a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly and supports both CW and pulsed operation. The Module dimensions are 140x56x41 mm.
Other package types, as well as OEM version with varying wavelength and power configurations are available on request. Currently the following wavelengths and maximum powers are offered as standard configuration: 465 nm (1 W), 635 nm (400 mW), 650 nm (750 mW), 808 nm (1.5 W), 1470 nm (700 mW) and 1550 nm (500 mW).

With in-house production capabilities from chip to system level and efficient supply chain, Modulight provide its customers the maximum added value and level of customization.

For more details on the new release please visit Modulight website or contact us at sales@modulight.com.


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