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Mar 12th, 2012
New Monocrystal paste breaks through 50% silver content barrier
Monocrystal, a leading manufacturer of electronic materials for LED and solar industries, announced availability of cost saving silver paste for crystalline solar cells rear metallization with 45% silver content.
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  • Lower silver content in the screen-printing paste helps to decrease the cell manufacturing costs.
  • Monocrystals claims to supply rear paste with the lowest silver content in the market

Last year sharply decreasing solar cell prices forced PV manufacturers to focus on cost reduction. Silver pastes contribute 30% to the cost of the solar cells and reduction of precious metals used in solar cell manufacturing is essential to stay competitive in the current market environment.

“Our newest rear paste BSP-122 contains 20% less silver and provides up to 30% lower lay down in comparison with currently available commercial products. Coupled this helps our customers to save at least $1 million per 150MW of produced solar cells annually”, stated Dr. Valery Mikhitaryan, technical director of Monocrystal’s thick film materials business unit.

“We are pleased to be in the vanguard with our newest rear paste with the lowest silver content in the market. Now, the introduction of innovative BSP-122 with enhanced cost-saving ability without compromising quality clearly demonstrates that Monocrystal is well positioned to support our customers in their cost saving marathon,” said Oleg Kachalov, CEO of Monocrystal.


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