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Jul 20th, 2011
NT-MDT has doubled the sales of SPMs in the first half-year of 2011
The first half-year 2011 has passed and after adding up the results of its activity, NT-MDT can announce that it was a very successful period for the company.
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The sales volume for SPM equipment almost doubled as compared to the same period of the previous year.

The impressive growth was achieved in all main regions of the global market. The growth in the U.S. exceeded 40%, in Europe 60% and it even more than tripled in China. A significant increase of contracts in countries of CIS sums up the success of 2011 until today.

The global increase in the interest to products of NT-MDT is based on the intensive research and development activities of the company. NTEGRA Spectra, the laureate of R&D 100 in 2006 and the winner of prestigious Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award in 2010, was modified for large-scale objects. NTEGRA Life, equipped with a special lift for automatic installation of scanning and optical parts, is probably the best SPM solution for cellular and subcellular experiments. And finally the next generation of scientific training laboratory the NANOEDUCATOR II also achieved the R&D 100 Award of 2011.

NT-MDT has traditionally maintained a high level of after sale services and technical assistance as well as an outstanding informational support. We intend to improve our equipment continuously so that scientists can enjoy their research and can make cutting edge discoveries.



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