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Mar 17th, 2014
NVC lighting takes lead in LED standard labelling in China
Third tier manufacturers sell products, second class companies build brands, but leading companies set standards. Recently, NVC Lighting became the pioneer in China’s LED industry with the sales of 200,000 LED products with Advanced Union Technology Standard (ANT’S) labelling, according to an article by Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center (GSC).
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The company has taken a step towards setting regulation standard in the lighting industry. This is also an important development since the company’s participation in the R&D of LED lighting standards for components, and promotion of LED lighting standard components.

According to GSC understanding, this NVC Lighting LED ANT’S standard is mainly for LED MR16B light source and LED ceiling light series. Out of these, LED MR16B light source is mainly adopted in COB modules, interior current source, and can be assembled with AC/DC 12 V transformer. The 4W power design can replace 20W halogen lamp cup. It can mostly be applied in retail shops, hotels, offices and other places. While LED ceiling lamp series products mostly use standardized single COB module light sources, and have special anti-glare covers to replace 50W/70W halogen lamp cup. This can be applied in retail, hotels, art galleries, exhibition halls, residential and other important lighting application.

These LED lighting label products are already distributed to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places, and had good sales volumes. The company has sold 30,000 units in Guangzhou and Shenzhen alone in a couple of days, and will be expanding and strengthening LED products with the “LED ant standard label.”

What is ANT’s?
ANT’S is a special product label for registered LED lighting standard components that is continuing expansions with the aim of becoming an original LED lighting standard label in China.

Since China lacks standards for lighting components, luminaire types, and wide differences in functions and interchangeability. To a certain degree, this has limited the healthy development of the LED lighting industry, and set up “LED lighting standard component.” This is to direct the LED lighting industry towards specification, serialization, standardization to increase LED industry competitiveness. Currently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology has mainly be directing the multiple parties involved in establishing this standard.

This NVC Lighting LED product standard label and sales is to promote the application and promotion of the LED standard lighting component, and also propel LED lighting standard towards scalization and marketization, said personnel responsible for the LED lighting component standard. This also unveiled marketization, and has added a new twist to LED lighting market developments in 2014.

According to GSC, LED lighting industry has shown strong growth in 2014, with a soaring LED index. Changes in LED lighting shipment from Jan. 1-Jan. 22, 2014 have soared 16.3 percent. In addition, the national standard for “Embedded type LED luminaire product requirements” was also officially announced and will be implemented in October this year. Regulations in the lighting market will further contribute to LED lighting’s explosive growth in 2014.


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