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Apr 5th, 2012
Nanophotonics researchers install NanoInk patterning tool at Osaka University
Osaka University’s Photonics Advanced Research Center in Japan installed a NanoInk NanoFabrication Systems DPN 5000 System for patterning various materials with nanoscale accuracy and precision.
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Osaka University scientists will develop and fabricate nanoscale plasmonic and nanophotonics devices.

The Photonics Advanced Research Center at Osaka University conducts a range of research in photonics and on the applications of light-based science to create new phenomena, particularly studying the interaction of photons with nanomaterials. The center also develops photonics technology for industrial use with numerous leading technology companies.

The DPN 5000 System is a tip-based lithography platform performing multi-component deposition of a range of materials in sub-micron-sized features. Its intuitive user interface enables the deposition of complex nanopatterns by precisely controlling tip movements during the writing process.

Combining NanoInk's proprietary MEMs devices and patterning protocols with a multitude of printing materials and substrates, DPN 5000 System users can easily design, create, and analyze nano and microstructures. The NanoInk platform offers biocompatible deposition and rapid prototyping for the lab at Osaka University. "Using the DPN 5000 System, pattern design and product fabrication are highly scalable and can be completed in less than an hour," Oliver Yeh, General Manager of NanoInk's NanoFabrication Systems Division, Asia-Pacific region.

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