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Jul 16th, 2012
Nanotech achieves 1st roll-to-roll commercial scale production run
Nanotech Security Corp. (the "Company") CA:NTS -2.80% is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully completed its first large scale test-run using its nanotechnology-based optical security feature, NOtESCopyright.
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An independent third party was contracted to conduct a production test-run embossing images onto a 300 metre (1000 ft) PET transparent plastic film. The third party is a multi-billion dollar world leader in optical products. The approximately 27cm (10.5 in) wide film was run on a continuous roll-to-roll basis over the entire length and comprises 8 columns of optical images arrayed in rows with some images being continuous, and others which are separated by .5 cm spacing. Over every 27 sq. centimeters there are some 23 separate and clearly visible nanotechnology- based optical images embossed onto the plastic substrate. Of the 8 columns, 2 columns were single continuous images over the full 300 metre length demonstrating common pre-requisites for potential bank note applications.

The production run shows that the Company's origination process and master shims used by the third parties embossing equipment were able to transfer separate and continuous images accurately onto the film over a commercial scale run. The technology proved to be extremely robust in the high-volume, high-speed setting - with the last ten metres performing as strongly as the first ten metres. Images of this film which represents a revolutionary optical-tagging system will be available in the near future on the Company's website at www.nanosecurity.ca/press_imagesvideos.php.

Doug Blakeway commented, "We are very pleased by the results of this test which demonstrated the technical feasibility of using the Company's patent-pending, highly advanced nano-hole optical technology in a large scale commercial application. The plastic film test-run was imprinted with over 150,000 separate and easily visible iridescent optical images which, once the production run was set up, were produced in a matter of minutes. This technical proof-of-concept is a major breakthrough for the Company's scientific team and we look forward to sharing our developments with the many potential users who are keenly following our progress."


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