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Nov 8th, 2011
Nissan demos vehicle-to-home power system using Leaf
Nissan Motor Co Ltd exhibited a V2H (vehicle-to-home) power system that uses the Leaf electric vehicle (EV) to provide electricity to a house at Smart City Week 2011.
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Electricity from the Leaf is converted from direct current to alternate current by a PCS (power control system) and sent to the distribution panel of a house. The PCS is not manufactured by Nissan. If the price of the system is lowered due to volume efficiency, it will be more widely used.

At first, Nissan was planning to realize the system in 2015. But the situation changed after the Tohoku Earthquake, which occurred March 11, 2011. While it was difficult to drive gasoline-powered cars due to shortage of gasoline, EVs were used as means of transportation because electricity was restored one day after the disaster.

In addition, EVs began to be considered as emergency power source because of the frequent blackouts after the quake. When fully charged, the Leaf can provide the amount of electricity that an average household uses in two days.

The V2H system that uses the Leaf electric vehicle (EV) to provide electricity to the distribution panel of a house.

Nissan aims to use EVs not only as means of transportation but as part of a social system, planning to use them as batteries for stabilizing electricity grids and for storing electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as sunlight.

In such a case, the company intends to use EVs for leveling loads on electricity grids by collecting the location information and charging statuses of EVs, charging them with surplus electricity and discharging them to provide electricity to grids when electricity demand is at its peak.


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