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Jul 17th, 2012
Nova to launch brand new TSV Metrology system
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd., a leading provider of optical metrology solutions to the semiconductor process control market, today announced a technological breakthrough that will enable chipmakers to accelerate the development and improve production yield of multi-chip integrations that rely on TSVs (Through Silicon Vias).
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The powerful new Nova V2600 TSV Metrology system, developed in collaboration with leading device makers, allows for the first time accurate measurement of critical TSV features such as side-wall angle, bottom diameter, and bottom curvature. This much-awaited process control solution delivers complete TSV dimensional metrology in a high-throughput production-ready system for the industry’s transition to 3D integration in production.

Several new technologies were developed by Nova for this complex application, breaking the barrier that previously precluded the use of Optical CD methodology on non-periodic structures. Using a special optical configuration (patent pending), Nova V2600 collects a dark-field reflectometry spectrum that is highly sensitive to variations in TSV internal structures. An innovative and unique modeling engine, proven to enable the translation of this spectrum into accurate via dimensions through spectral fitting, has been developed. Unlike competing technologies that rely on resolution-limited optical imaging, this spectral method can be extended to future TSVs with diameters below 5 microns.

“We are excited to make our entry into the 3D integration market with a truly differentiated metrology product. It is very satisfying to introduce game-changing innovation into an emerging market segment that is looking for the right solution”
, said Gabi Seligsohn, President and CEO of Nova. “Customers response to the technology, performance, and productivity of the Nova V2600 has been outstanding, and we expect multiple orders from leading chipmakers to be finalized in the near future, following a rigorous selection process”.

Nova V2600 fits into the production-proven Nova Modular MetrologyTM platform that accommodates two metrology units on a single compact frame. This high-throughput platform is recognized for providing superior cost of ownership and operational flexibility.



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