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Oct 15th, 2012
Nova receives multiple orders for its TSV metrology system
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd., a leading provider of optical metrology solutions to the semiconductor process control market, reported that two major customers ordered its recently launched TSV (Through-Silicon Via) metrology system, the Nova V2600TM.
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These orders follow a thorough technical evaluation process by customer experts selecting the Nova V2600 for its unique ability to provide complete three dimensional metrology of the TSV for several technology nodes. Profile information, available for the first time through the use of Nova’s patent pending Dark-Field Reflectometry, is considered critical for properly controlling the etching and insulation steps of TSV formation. The high-throughput Nova V2600 was selected to support the transition to volume production of 3D integration with minimal yield loss to TSV electrical failures.

“These orders from two of our top customers, combined with several engagements with other key customers, strengthen our confidence in the market potential of metrology for 3D integration. Our customers can now offer their TSV-based products with higher confidence in the uniformity and reliability of the process”, said Eitan Oppenhaim, Executive Vice President of Global Business at Nova. “The adoption of 3D integration is gated by the need for very high yield with tight cost controls, and Nova aims to contribute by providing our signature combination of leading edge metrology and low cost of ownership.”



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