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Mar 11th, 2013
PV Power Plants - EU 2013
Attend the PV Power Plants - EU 2013 this week in Warsaw.
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After taking place in Prague, Paris and Vienna, "PV Power Plants – EU 2013" will be hosted in Warsaw, Poland. It has established itself as a renowned meeting place with good opportunities for professional exchange and networking. Speaker and audience will discuss current developments of the industry in a business-relevant way.

Poland with its new legislation for PV and further Eastern European markets will be lit up, as well as increasing international markets. The event will also focus on technical questions and continue to have a closer look on standardization and quality assurance, financing and insurance of large PV projects as well as the energy transmission.

The conference language is English. Approximately 200 participants from all over the world are expected.

Who will be attending?
• Chief executives, product managers and project developers of module and cell manufacturers, producers of inverters and power components, suppliers of foundations, substructures, cabling and other components
• Planners, contractors, installers, engineering and construction companies
Utilities and manufacturing / service companies from the conventional power industry
• Sales managers responsible for large-scale systems
• Insurance companies, brokers and agencies
• Investment banks and investors
• Political representatives
• Energy agencies
• Attorneys involved in large-scale PV projects
• Journalists addressing economic, technological and energy issues

The market
Since photovoltaics is becoming more and more inexpensive and the prices for electricity from conventional power plants are climbing, solar plants are increasingly moving into a range which has traditionally been the domain of classic large-scale power plants. Solar farm market segment is getting progressively more lucrative for financially strong investors. Another advantage is also the speed of the implementation. Plants with large outputs of 100 MW and above can be installed in a matter of months when using photovoltaics. No other technology is able to match this.

Falling module and BOS prices, changing FiT-regulations and new developments in storage technologies will finally lead PV out of a Feed-in-Tariff era into one where PV Power Plants will be built beyond subsidies, presenting new challenges for all participants along the value chain alike.

Project planning and management, installation and the operation of large PV power plants present challenges for all stakeholders involved. Precise analyses of the technical, financial, fiscal and legal details are crucial for the success of PV power plant projects. Then again standardization processes and quality assurance proceed in the growing market of PV power plants. This is indispensable if projects shall be financially feasible and generate sufficient yield in the course of its twenty-year life span. Furthermore grid integration presents a particular challenge for the field of PV power plants.

The Eastern European States are yet to play a significant role in the large-scale installation market. Falling system prices could, however, prompt moderate growth for example in Bulgaria and Slovenia. Both countries introduced feed-in tariffs which are significantly higher than those in Germany and Italy. Other countries such as Poland have plans to do so.

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