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Mar 11th, 2013
PV Project Implementation Conference – China 2013
Save the date for the PV Project Implementation Conference – China 2013 on March 18 in Shanghai.
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China has recently boosted its targets for solar power installations in its current 12th Five Year Plan (2011 to 2015) to 40 gigawatts (GW) by the year 2015 and 10 GW this year alone. Given the rapid growth in PV installations, China will likely emerge as the leader in new PV installations this year.

Large-scale PV continues to be the dominant market segment in China. PV power plants with a capacity of 6 megawatts (MW) or more are considered to be in this category and the Chinese government has introduced new policies and measures to further improve this sector.

Following a successful launch at last year’s Solarcon China, this conference will discuss the latest government initiatives and technical and operational best practices to boost plant quality and performance. Two out of five sessions, as well as an in-depth panel discussion, will focus on the key issue of electricity quality and how to turn PV electricity into a grid-friendly power source China and other countries can rely on.

The event will again be targeted to driving forward the technical optimization of large-scale PV plant design (including site and component selection), construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring. Quality assurance over the lifecycle of the power plant will also feature prominently.

In 2012, around 200 project developers, component manufacturers (modules, inverters, junction boxes, transfer stations, monitoring systems, etc.), energy suppliers and grid-network operators, designers and planners, financiers and representatives from politics, the media and trade associations discussed topics such as yield optimization, cost structures, grid integration and stabilization, financing and monitoring.

Who will attend?
• Component manufacturers (modules, inverters, junction boxes, transfer stations, monitoring systems, etc.)
• Power generation and grid companies
• Project developers and planners
• Finance providers
• Representatives from policy-making bodies and research institutes
• The entire semiconductor industry and component manufacturers in the field of power electronics
• Buyers, major distributors and installers of modules, inverters and BOS components
• Suppliers for the PV industry
• Press and professional associations

Contact in Germany:
David Gaden
Senior Project Manager
Conference Department
Solarpraxis AG
Zinnowitzer Straße 1, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 726 296 373
Fax: +49 30 726 296 309
E-Mail: davidgaden@solarpraxis.de
Web: www.solarpraxis.de

Contact in China:
Eckhart K. Gouras
Pacific Region and North America
Representative of pv magazine and Solarpraxis AG
Shanghai 200021
Phone: +86 21 6103 6799
Mobile (China): +86 13818348716


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