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Nov 27th, 2010
PVA TePla publishes forecast for 2011 and confirms forecast for 2010
At its meeting today the Supervisory Board of PVA TePla AG, Wettenberg - a manufacturer of systems for the crystallization of silicon and of vacuum and high-temperature systems - approved the Management Board's plans for 2011, according to which consolidated sales revenues are likely to range between EUR 120 million and EUR 130 million in 2011.
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 An EBIT margin of 8-10% is expected.

•         Expected consolidated sales revenues of EUR 120-130 million in 2011
•         2011 operating EBIT margin likely to be in the 8-10% range again
•         Confirmation of forecast for 2010
The estimates take into account the order backlog at the end of 2010, the ongoing serial and service business and incoming orders in the coming fiscal year that are invoiced in full or according to the Percentage-of-Completion method (PoC).
PVA TePla currently envisages excellent market development in the Industrial Systems division for vacuum systems and in the Semiconductor Systems division for non-destructive quality inspection, float-zone systems for the manufacture of silicon wafers for high-performance electronics and plasma systems for cleaning and activation processes in the semiconductor and life science industry, and also expects stable demand next year. An upturn in the market environment is also being observed in the field of crystal-growing systems for the semiconductor market. On the basis of current projects, orders are expected in the Solar Systems division in the 2011 fiscal year. In the first half of 2011, consolidated sales revenues are expected to be lower in percentage terms in relation to expectations for the year as a whole due to the fully completed major orders from Asia and Europe in the field of the solar industry.
The EBIT margin for the 2011 fiscal year is expected to be in the 8-10% range again as in 2010. For 2012 and 2013, PVA TePla again expects a growth in its business volume.
For the 2010 fiscal year, PVA TePla confirms its published forecast of consolidated sales revenues of around EUR 120 million and an EBIT margin at the upper end of the 8-10% range.



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