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Mar 18th, 2014
Philips Lumileds high voltage LEDs simplify compact fixture design
Philips Lumileds launched a mid-power LED, the LUXEON 3535 HV, which allows lighting manufacturers to design in high voltage drivers that are diminutive in size compared to standard drivers, enabling simplified design and lower total cost of the overall lighting solution.
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The company’s high voltage mid-power portfolio is available in industry leading 24V and 48V parts.

The advantage of designing in high voltage LEDs is that they utilize drivers containing on average less than 20 components, relative to standard LED drivers that can contain up to 50 components. As a result, the total BOM cost can be reduced and the amount of inventory they need to carry to design the driver is minimized,” said Michael Howley, Product Manager at Philips Lumileds.

Applications for the LUXEON 3535 HV include space constrained lamps such as retrofit bulbs, downlights, wall sconces, wall packs, and pendant luminaires. “We’re finding that manufacturers of wall packs, wall sconces and pendants in many different regions of the world are interested in high voltage LED technology and the design simplicity it affords,” said Michael Howley.

Philips Lumileds is providing LM-80 data for its best-in-class 24V and 48V LUXEON 3535 HV LEDs. In addition, these LEDs are offered with a 1/9th micro color binning structure with 3- and 5-step color accuracy, offering the customer the benefit of tight color control.

Typical lumen output and efficacy of the LUXEON 3535 HV 48V at 20mA is 120 lm and 125 lm/W at a color temperature of 4000K and CRI of 80. The 24V LED at 20mA is 60 lm and 125 lm/W at a color temperature of 4000K and CRI of 80.

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