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Sep 21st, 2011
Porsche Design Studio unveils world’s largest LED TV for outdoor theaters
The super rich love to attend film festivals, and while they can afford to fly down to the on the French Rivera to witness a rich movie-watching experience, the rich love to spend on getting the cinematic experience right in their backyard, besides the pool.
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201 C SEED TV-World’s largest outdoor TV
201 C SEED TV-World’s largest outdoor TV

We have earlier told you about the luxurious private outdoor theaters and waterproof TV’s for a plush backyard, but Porsche Design Studio has now introduced the world’s largest outdoor television under “201 C SEED,” a brand formed in collaboration with the expertise of Global Bright Group, to score above the rest.

The 201-inches waterproof LED screen is integrated in a flattened piece of concealed black metal in a circular hole in the ground. It emerges from the ground silently and unravels its magic all in 15 seconds, and the screen unfolds into seven panels in a further 25 seconds for complete set-up. “The performance begins when C SEED magically appear from the ground, like a kinetic sculpture,” says Porsche Design Studio.

The bigger picture experience comes complete with extremely bright images, which are clearly viewable even in direct sunlight, 270-degree rotation, three-way audio system including 15 speakers and wireless remote control.

The 201 C SEED can be installed as a monolith in a grassy area or terrace installed according to custom needs. The monstrous outdoor screen will be available on order from September 2011 starting at about $810,000.

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