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Jan 10th, 2014
Power electronic supply chain grabs for IGBT stack chance
Passive component and driver suppliers are trying to edge their way into the fastgrowing power stack territory dominated by established module producers, explain Yole Développement’s Alexandre Avron and Wenbin Ding.
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Passive component suppliers are challenging power electronic module producers’ dominance in IGBT power stacks. Gaining a share of this large and expanding sector could provide a signifi cant boost to their fortunes. “The market is growing very fast,” Yole Développement power electronics analyst Wenbin Ding commented. “In our opinion, it will reach more than $4 billion in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of about 51%.” And while the incumbent players’ position is strong, the invasion looks set to be reinforced by dedicated drivers for IGBT power stacks supplied by specialist manufacturers.

Power stacks typically assemble IGBT modulestogether with passive components like busbars,capacitors, cooling systems, resistors, and driversin optimised formats, typically at ratings above 500kW. “They can make inverter components modular,‘plug and play’,” explained Ding’s colleague,Alexandre Avron. “For a three-phase inverter, you could have three stacks that each deal with one leg of the inverter. Then, if you’ve got an issue with one leg, it’s easier to replace the stack rather than repair the full cabinet. It’s more convenient, benefi cial in terms of reliability and maintenance, and also cost effective.”

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