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Jan 27th, 2012
Powerex released full SiC modules featuring multiple circuit topologies
Created with a low profile and multiple circuit topologies, including independent; dual; in parallel; common collector; and common emitter, two new Powerex split dual SiC MOSFET Modules (QJD1210010 and QJD1210011) are designed for use in high frequency applications.
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Each module consists of two MOSFET Silicon Carbide transistors, with each transistor having a reverse-connected Zero Recovery® free-wheel silicon carbide Schottky diode. All components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, offering simplified system assembly and thermal management.

Powerex Full-SiC module

Product Ratings and Characteristics:
Rated at 100A/1200V, QJD1210010 and QJD1210011 feature:

  • Junction temperature - 175°C
  • Silicon carbide chips
  • Low internal inductance
  • Industry leading RDS(on)
  • High speed switching
  • Low switching losses
  • Low capacitance
  • Low drive requirement
  • High power density
  • Isolated baseplate
  • 2 individual switches per module
  • Copper baseplate on QJD1210010 and, for extended thermal cycle life, AlSiC baseplate on QJD1210011

These MOSFET modules can be used in various high frequency applications, including:

  • Energy saving power systems, such as fans, pumps and consumer appliances
  • High frequency type power systems, such as UPS, high speed motor drives, induction heating, welding and robotics
  • High temperature power systems, such as power electronics in electric vehicle and aviation systems.

The QJD1210010 can be purchased at sample pricing at $3,055 each. The QJD1210011 can be purchased at sample pricing at $3,175 each.



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