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Jan 9th, 2012
New Products: Continuous Graphene and Graphene Oxide films
The Graphene Supermarket operated by Graphene Laboratories Inc has added three new products to their product line, which were launched January 5th 2012 to meet the demand for continuous graphene coatings.
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As research is conducted on graphene and its commercial potential is realized, products need to be available with specifically tuned properties; this includes transparency, conductivity, and mechanical durability. Because of this, the Graphene Supermarket has expanded its selection of continuous graphene films, including Graphene Oxide Film on Glass Substrates, CVD Multilayer Graphene Film on Nickel Foil, and Conductive Graphene Paper. The Graphene Supermarket can further customize these products to meet the specific needs of their customers.

The new Graphene Oxide Thin Film is sold on a glass substrate though the films may be transferred onto custom substrates such as silicon/silicon dioxide or PET as well. The films can also be adjusted continuously and easily to alter their transparency and thickness. Graphene Oxide films have many potential application areas including use in nonvolatile memory as well as biological and medical applications.

Certain applications require increased conductivity and mechanical stability. Now available with these properties are Multilayer Graphene Films grown by chemical vapor deposition onto nickel foil. The thickness of the multilayer film is about 300 nanometers equaling about 100 monolayers of graphene.

Lastly, the Graphene Supermarket has added Conductive Graphene Papers to their product line. Conductive Graphene Papers are created by the flow-directed assembly of graphene nanoplatelets.


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