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Mar 17th, 2014
Quantum materials corp moving closer to volume production of tetrapod quantum dots
Quantum Materials Corp. (QMC) (OTCQB:QTMM) announced it has placed purchase orders for the proprietary equipment necessary to commence increased production of inorganic quantum dots.
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The equipment is scheduled for delivery and deployment, on or before the end of the third quarter of 2014. In recent news, QMC announced obtaining equipment funding and reporting that the Los Alamos National Laboratory's (LANL) Thick-Shell technology will be integrated with a variety of QMC's composite tetrapod quantum dots to develop a line of advanced high performance quantum dots. QMC is now proud to announce that they have teamed with LANL and have jointly written and submitted a proposal for funding to the recent DOE EERE Funding Opportunity for Solid-State Lighting Advanced Technology R&D, which aims to increase performance and market readiness of efficient LED lights incorporating improved quantum dots.

David Doderer, Vice President of Research and Development, commented about teaming with LANL, "Very meaningful quantum dot research is being conducted globally, and in particular at our national labs. We are glad to be able to adapt the thick-shell "giant" QD technology developed by Los Alamos into an industrial process to provide the end consumer with a much better product. As seen at the CES, new electronics in displays and lighting continue to amaze, and while quantum dots might not be headliners, it is exciting for us to see great materials allow designs that seem to make the impossible a reality."

With the benefit of the scaled and controlled production, and enhanced quantum dot structure, QMC's goal is to resolve volume-manufacturing problems that date back to the discovery of quantum dots over 20 years ago. The high cost of manual production, the lack of batch uniformity, and the inability to ensure a reliable supply for industrial production have, until this point, restricted the broad commercialization of consumer products that are enhanced by quantum dots.

LCD displays and white light solid-state lighting (SSL): QMC's combination of thick-shell technology and tetrapod quantum dots is expected to deliver unsurpassed optoelectric brightness and color purity leading to higher resolution and color vitality, and as integrated into the manufacture of displays and lighting units, will enhance performance life expectancy.

Sensors:For photovoltaics including solar cells, thermovoltaics, near infrared, MEMS, cameras, strain gauges and other sensor applications, the increased photon absorption by thick-shell tetrapod semiconductor nanocrystals correspond to increased sensitivity, and higher efficiencies due to suppressing recombination.

Quantum Materials has initiated designs for even higher capacity equipment for future production, details of which the Company expects to announce later this year. QMC's flexibility extends to a variety of metals and elements, including both cadmium-core and cadmium-free non-heavy metal quantum dots, and will roll out new composite or hybrid quantum dots as they are developed.

Quantum Materials representatives will attend over 10 conferences and tradeshows in the next 8 months, beginning with Smithers QD and Phosphors Conferences later this month.

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