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Feb 27th, 2012
Renesas semiconductor packaging roadmap: a closer look
Renesas was formed several years ago from parts of the electronic businesses of Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and NEC Electronics.
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It is the world's largest manufacturer of microcontrollers and the second largest manufacturer of application processors.  Renesas  is also known for LCD drivers, RF ICs, mixed-signal integrated circuits and SOC semiconductors.
At the recent IC Packaging technology Expo in Tokyo Keiichirou Kata, Dept Mgr for Advanced Package Development addressed the assembled audience with a presentation on the Renesas Semiconductor Packaging Roadmap.  I-Micronews thought it was worth a “Closer Look”.

Packaging in Renesas is focused mainly on FC BGA, WLP and 3D Integration.

Automotive sector packaging
The automotive can be categorized into (a) entertainment, (b) body & safety and (c) engine ICS. For entertainment pin counts are increasing  especially for real time and image processing applications so FC BGA is the main package. For body and safety QFN and QFP are the main packages with exposed die pad structures being used for heat dissipation from package to board. For engine ICs QFP is the main package with FC BGA growing because of the increase in IOs. 
The Renesas overall Advanced Packaging Roadmap is shown below.

Renesas Advanced Packaging Roadmap

More detail is given on the next figure.

Renesas Packaging Roadmap Details

Their flip chip bonding roadmap is shown below 

FC Bonding Technology Roadmap

The general roadmap for WLP is shown below:

WLP Roadmap

The Renesas Fan out WLP process is a RDL first method where the RDL is first formed on the support followed by FC attach and molding. Their fan out roadmap is shown below.

Renesas FO- WLP Roadmap

Renesas akso announced the use of Wide IO DRAM for Application Processors (see “First major 3D TSV wide-IO product announcement is made by Renesas”).

Wide IO DRAM Solution for Application Processors

Renesas reports that they will use Via middle for mobile products and Via last (backside) for some other applications. 



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