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Apr 26th, 2012
SCHMID releases new wafer metrology sorter system
SCHMID offers complete Turnkey solutions for the entire wafer production process from crystal growing to inspection and sorting.
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  • SCHMID has managed to catch up with the market leaders and excels with customer specific solutions and excellent service availability
  • Diamond wire compatibility and mono-like grading enriches latest machine concept
  • Optional analyzer software is a competitive advantage for wafer manufacturers

The Metrology Sorter is the on-the-fly inspection in the SCHMID Wafer Backend, which also includes upstream machines like Precleaning + Degluing, Singulation and Horizontal Wafer Cleaning and the necessary handling machines and covers all processes after the cutting with SCHMID's own equipment. The advantages of the Inline package solution are the excellent cleaning results, low breakage rates, higher machine output of up to 3600 wafers per hour and the possibility of single wafer tracking with the help of software and easy organizational measures. Reliable wafer tracking is required for the retraceability of the wafer position in the brick as well as in the production process throughout the different machines.

More information on the SCHMID’s web site.


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