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Jun 2nd, 2014
SPTS Technologies’ silicon etch chosen by leading chinese wafer level packaging supplier for new 300mm line
Move to 300mm strengthens customer’s position in the rapidly growing CMOS Image Sensor market.
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SPTS Technologies, a supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, today announced that a leading Chinese wafer level packaging (WLP)  supplier to the electronics industry has selected the Omega fxP Etch System for cost-effective through silicon via (TSV) processing of 300mm wafers for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) applications.

"The global CMOS image sensor market continues to experience solid growth, driven by consumer demand for products such as mobile devices and autos,"
said Dave Thomas, etch marketing director at SPTS. “However, for customers to gain market leadership and remain competitive in a cost-sensitive industry, they must embrace new technologies, processes and wafer formats. Having achieved excellent throughput and high quality yields with our 200mm silicon etch tools, the customer chose our Omega fxP as their etch platform of choice in their move to 300mm.”

The Omega fxP 300mm etch system has the flexibility to address multiple processes for advanced packaging applications including tapered via/ trench etching as well as blanket etching for stress relief post grinding and etch overhang control.  The system also incorporates in-situ endpoint for controlling wafer-to-wafer variability and improving yields.

Thomas concluded, “Our customers are taking a leading role in the migration to 300mm WLP, and we are very pleased to be supporting one of the first CIS suppliers in China to move to the larger wafer format.”



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