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Dec 8th, 2010
New Samsung 8GB DDR3 module utilizes 3D TSV technology
Samsung Electronics has announced a lineup of 8GB DDR3 modules developed using 3D chip stacking technology, which is also referred to as through silicon via (TSV).
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Samsung 8GB RDIMM utilizing 3D-TSV technology
Samsung 8GB RDIMM utilizing 3D-TSV technology

The company claimed its TSV technology is a key to solving the paradox of driving lower power consumption in servers, while increasing memory capacity and improving performance.

Samsung said the new 8GB RDIMM utilizing its 3D TSV technology saves up to 40% of power as compared to a conventional RDIMM. Also, the TSV technology allows for a dramatic improvement in memory chip density that is expected to offset the decrease of memory sockets in next-generation server systems, the company claimed.

In the face of a 30% decrease in memory slots in next-generation servers, Samsung said its TSV technology will be able to raise the DRAM density by more than 50% making it highly attractive for high-density, high-performance server systems.

Samsung noted that the new memory module has been successfully tested by its major clients.

"Our 40nm-class RDIMM being announced today marks the introduction of a more advanced eco-friendly Green Memory product lineup utilizing 3D-TSV technology that is expected to enhance the leadership of Samsung and our allies in server and enterprise storage," said Chang-Hyun Kim, senior vice president and Samsung fellow, memory product planning & application engineering at Samsung.

Samsung also plans to apply the features of its TSV technology to 30nm-class and finer process nodes. The company expects the widespread adoption of 3D TSV technology to take place from 2012.


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