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Oct 12th, 2011
Samsung researchers develop method to grow GaN LEDs on glass
Samsung researchers have devised a method of growing single crystal gallium nitride LEDs on regular glass.
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First, a layer of titanium is applied on the glass. In the second step, a thin layer of GaN is deposited on the titanium metal layer. This thin layer, which is grown at a relatively low temperature, serves as a base for the growth of GaN in a later step. Then a layer of silicon dioxide is deposited over the thin layer of GaN. The silicon dioxide layer has tiny holes which direct the crystal growth as the GaN comes through them. Then very high temperatures are applied to the entire structure to promote the GaN growth through the tiny, mold like holes in the silicon dioxide.

The Samsung research team says that now the GaN can be undergo standard processes like those used on GaN grown on sapphire or silicon. The multi-step process, is far from production ready. However, the researchers note that the method may one day provide a new avenue for creating LEDs on Window panes. The researchers detailed their method in Nature Photonics (2011) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2011.253

The GaN forms a tiny array of pyramids through the holes. The researchers reported that InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum wells formed on the GaN pyramid arrays exhibit a high internal quantum efficiency of 52%. Also, LED arrays fabricated using these GaN pyramid arrays reportedly demonstrated reliable and stable area-type electroluminescent emission with a luminance of 600 cd m2.

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