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Dec 12th, 2012
Save the date: LED & power electronics seminar
On January 29, 2012 at the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. Powered by Yole Développement.
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Yole Développement organizes a LED and Power Electronics Seminar in Korea. Dedicated to LED and Power Electronics areas, the seminar is made up of Yole Développement presentations on the related market area, System Plus Consulting tools presentations (Reverse Costing and Cost Simulation). See below the detailed agenda:

9.00 AM – Welcome breakfast
9.30 AM - 12.30 AM: LED from substrates to lighting applications
• Overall LED market and industry status (visible and UV light)
• Sapphire, SiC, Silicon, AlN: what future LED will be made of?
• Front-End and Packaging manufacturing technologies and new challenges
Coffee break (30 min)
• Reverse engineering and costing results for some of the most famous packaged LED
• Demonstration of LED CoSim+: reverse costing simulation tool

From 12.30 AM to 2.00 PM – Lunch & Networking

2.00 PM - 4.30 PM: Power electronics: Will Wide Bandgap technologies erode silicon monopoly?
• Overall power electronics market and technologies: How IGBT, SJ MOSFET, SiC and GaN will shape the power industry
• Focus on SiC: PV inverters have started massively adopting SiC: why and what next?
• Focus on GaN: 200V today, 600V tomorrow? What impact and what technology roadmap?
Coffee Break (30 min.)
• Reverse engineering and costing results for some of the most recent WBG devices: EPC GaN HEMT & Cree SiC MOSFET
• Demonstration of Power CoSim+: reverse costing simulation tool

At 4.30 PM – Networking
At 5.30 PM – End of the seminar


Dr Phillippe Roussel, PhD holds s a PhD in Integrated Electronics Systems from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in LYON. He joined Yole Développement in 1998 and is l eadi ng the Compound Semiconductors, LED, Power Electronics and Photovoltaic department.



Pars Mukish holds a master degree in Materials Science & Polymers and a master degree in Innovation & Technology Management (EM Lyon – France). He works at Yole Développement as Market and Technology Analyst in the fields of LED, Lighting Technologies and Compound Semiconductors to carry out technical, economic and marketing analysis. Previously, he has worked as Marketing & Techno-Economic Analyst at the CEA (French Research Center).


Michel Allain has been working for System Plus Consulting during more than 12 years, introducing cost simulation of electronics. Previously he held some management positions in the semiconductor industry and took part in several startup companies. 




For more information, please contact Hailey Yang (yang@yole.fr) or Camille Favre (favre@yole.fr).


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