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Feb 7th, 2011
SemiLEDs subsidiary Helios Crew launches LED using MEMS silicon packaging
High-brightness LED chip maker SemiLEDs Corp of Boise, ID, USA (which has chip fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan) says that its subsidiary Helios Crew Corp (HCC) of ChuNan, Taiwan has launched the S35 LED product.
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The S35 is a packaged LED that integrates MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) with semiconductor processing to produce what is claimed to be a unique silicon packaging technology. In conjunction with a high-brightness SemiLEDs chip, the compact size, silicon sub-mount technology delivers high brightness along with what is claimed to be superior reliability.

In addition, the S35 silicon has a thermal conductance that is more than eight times higher than aluminum oxide ceramic packages, and at a considerably lower cost than aluminum nitride ceramic, the firm adds.

SemiLEDs’ proprietary blue, green and ultraviolet (UV) ‘metal vertical photon’ (MvpLED) chip design features a vertical LED structure on a patented copper alloy base (after removal of the sapphire substrate) that provides what is claimed to be the best thermal resistance on the market (0.4°C/W) — allowing better heat removal than for LEDs that retain the sapphire substrate — as well as electrical and optical advantages such as greater luminous efficacy (more than 120lm/W) and longer lumen maintenance.


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