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Feb 3rd, 2011
SemiProbe announces new vacuum probing module
SemiProbe today released a vacuum probing module as a research accessory for the modular Probe System for Life™ (PS4L) platform.
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The vacuum probing module allows users to test devices at wafer level in a vacuum.  Because many devices such as MEMS gyros are later packaged in a hermetically sealed vacuum package, this system allows testing in conditions simulating the final package.  The testing of these devices in free air causes air resistance that alters the motion of the device structure.  Previously, testing these devices required expensive vacuum probing systems or the placement of the device in a vacuum package. 

“Faster and less expensive access to device characterization data helps speed our customers time to market and lowers the cost of test,” according to Don Feuerstein, VP Marketing at SemiProbe.  “We have been involved in the testing of MEMS products since the early days and have worked to develop pioneering processes and equipment for MEMS test for many years.  This product provides our University, Startup and R & D customers with access to data at reasonable prices.”


SemiProbe provides manual and semiautomatic probe systems for MEMS test applications primarily focused on electrical and non-electrical characterization of devices using unique simulation and measurement capabilities.  The flexibility of the PS4L platform allows users to modify their system as their test structures and test procedures change.  The ability to provide custom configurations with new capabilities within a few weeks and at reasonable cost separates Semiprobe from traditional companies that require custom designs and the associated NRE.  The patented PS4L system continues to gain widespread acceptance in meeting the flexibility requirements of research and development while bridging the gap to production test. 

Modularity requirements, time to market pressures and limited research funding has all contributed to making the PS4L the ideal probing platform.  The same system can be perpetually field upgraded as needs and budgets change.

About Us
SemiProbe is a global supplier of innovative probing and inspection equipment for microelectronics, photovoltaics, optoelectronics, MEMS, biotechnology, chemistry, microfluidics, and nanotechnology. We provide industry with modular and high quality technology to insure confidence in the test and inspection results and to significantly help lower overall costs.   SemiProbe works with leading R & D Centers globally to develop next generation equipment and then follows the product test requirements to produce full production solutions.  SemiProbe offers a line of manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic systems and a complete line of accessories. The company is based in Winooski, VT USA.    


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