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Dec 9th, 2011
Seoul Semiconductor launches ZC, a chip-on-board DC LED
Korean company, Seoul Semiconductor has launched its Chip-On-Board (COB) type of direct current (DC) LED, named the Z-Power COB (ZC).
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The company developed the ZC Series, developed on its Z-Power LEDs. Seoul says that the COB ZC can be used as a high-brightness and high power light source with decreased thermal resistance and increased LED lighting product life expectancy. Seoul claims that it allows manufacturers to conveniently install, design and price competitive products.

The ZC Series is designed as a chip-on-board LED, thereby eliminating the need for surface-mounting it onto a metal plate. Seoul points out that this allows companies to trim manufacturing and management costs. Seoul says that the use of highly-reflective aluminum substrates in the ZC Series also greatly improves the brightness and significantly prolongs LED bulb life span.


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