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Mar 28th, 2013
SiTime enters smartphone market with first MEMS oscillator
Revolutionary product family is 85% smaller and offers 50% power savings.
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SiTime Corporation, the fastest growing semiconductor company, introduced the SiT15xx family of 32 kHz MEMS oscillators that replace legacy quartz crystal resonators. This new family is targeted at mobile applications, such as smartphones and tablets, which require small size and low power. The SiT15xx family overcomes the limitations of quartzbased devices in several ways; SiTime’s solutions offer area savings of 85%, cuts power by 50% and are 15 times more reliable, all of which enable smaller,lower power and longer lasting mobile electronics.

SiTime’s groundbreaking silicon MEMS and analog technology deliver innovative timing solutions that leapfrog decades of quartz industry development. Large infrastructure and consumer electronics companies have already adopted SiTime’s solutions and are profiting from our remarkable combination of highest performance, lowest cost and best reliability,” said Rajesh Vashist, CEO of SiTime. “Now, we are bringing these exceptional benefits to the booming mobile market. Our focus, passion and execution has allowed us to get 80% share of the MEMS timing market and with the new SiT15xx family, we continue to extend our lead.

Two years ago, SiTime introduced revolutionary MEMS timing products for infrastructure applications. SiTime is introducing a unique MEMS timing device family for the large, rapidly growing, mobile market,” said JeanChristophe Eloy, CEO and founder of Yole Développement. “The SiT15xx family of 32 kHz oscillators is yet another example of SiTime’s consistent and unrelenting drive to develop the best timing products in the industry. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of leadership MEMS timing products, they are poised for massive success.

The SiT153x family replaces quartz crystal resonators and operates from a 1.2V to 3.63V regulated power supply, making them ideal for smartphones that use a coincell or supercap battery backup. The SiT154x family also replaces quartz crystal resonators and operates from a 2.7 to 4.5V unregulated LiIon battery. More details on the devices are below.

  • SiT1532/42 – 32.768 kHz MEMS oscillators in a 1.5 x 0.8 mm chip scale package (CSP), which is an industry first
  • SiT1533/43 – 32.768 kHz MEMS oscillators in a 2.0 x 1.2 mm package that is pincompatible with quartz resonators
  • SiT1534/44 – programmable MEMS oscillators that support frequencies from 1 Hz to 32.768 kHz and are available in both the 1.5 x 0.8 mm CSP and the 2.0 x 1.2 mm packages.

All of these devices offer many significant benefits over quartz, as listed below:

  • Smallest board area – The CSP offers area savings of up to 85% compared to the 2012 package and 70% over the smallest quartz package that is sampling
  • More functionality in a true onechip solution – The oscillator output replaces crystal resonators, eliminates the need for load capacitors, minimizes board area and also offers a more robust system startup in extreme temperatures
  • Excellent power savings – Supply current of only 0.75 microamps (typical) is 50% better than an equivalent quartz solution
  • Thinnest – 0.55mm is ideal for smartphones
  • NanoDriveTM – A unique, programmable, low swing output that minimizes power and directly interfaces to the oscillator / RTC circuit in the downstream processor or PMIC.
  • Best frequency stability – ±20 PPM at room temperature and ±100 PPM over 40°C to +85°C ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Best robustness – 30 times better than quartz
  • Best reliability – 500 million hours MTBF (2 FIT), 15 times better than quartz

In addition to smartphones and tablets, the SiT15xx family is ideal for devices that require small size and low power such as fitness monitoring and watch products, medical monitoring and wellness devices, sport camcorders, wireless keypads and mouse devices.

Devices in the 2012 packages are sampling now. Devices in the chip scale package (CSP) will begin sampling in May 2013. Pricing is available upon request.

For more information and datasheets, visit http://www.sitime.com/products/32kHzoscillators.SiT15xx images/photos: http://www.sitime.com/sit15xxgraphics

About SiTime
SiTime Corporation, the fastest growing semiconductor company, is revolutionizing the $5B timing market with silicon MEMS timing solutions that replace legacy quartz products. With 80% market share and over 150 million devices shipped, SiTime is driving the electronics industry to use 100% siliconbased timing.

SiTime’s configurable solutions enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, reduced size and better reliability. The rich feature set and flexibility of our solutions allows customers to consolidate their supplychain, reducing cost of ownership and time to market. By using standard semiconductor processes and high volume plastic packaging, SiTime offers the best availability and shortest lead times in the industry.

Toptier manufacturers are experiencing these benefits and recognize SiTime as The Smart Timing Choice™ .


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