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Jul 1st, 2014
Smartenergy ramps up crystalline silicon solar module production
Smartenergy Renewables acquired the cutting-edge factory for module assembly in July 2013 from US-based Nanosolar Inc.
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Smartenergy crystalline silicon module production facility.
Smartenergy crystalline silicon module production facility.
  • A successful reconversion of the former Nanosolar’s CIGS module facility to crystalline silicon modules production.

Following customer demand, the company manufactured and marketed several MWs of solar panels based on thin-film solar cells from Nanosolar Inc.  In late 2013, Smartenergy Renewables initiated the conversion of the facility with a view to upgrade the site to a fully-automated assembly facility for crystalline solar panels with a maximum capacity of 120 MW.

The Utility panels are based on a highly reliable and mature glass/glass panel design. Compared to standard solar panels, glass/glass solar panels offer a host of significant product advantages, all of which enhance the long-term stability and reliability of the product. The hermetically tight edge seal of the solar panel eliminates Potential Induced Degradation (PID) losses, ensures a longer lifetime and its frameless construction dramatically reduces soiling losses. Interestingly, these product benefits of glass/glass solar panels have lead other well-known manufacturers to also consider this type of panel design.


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