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Jun 12th, 2012
Solar frontier announces new “S” series 140W to 160W lineup
Solar Frontier has announced an upgraded product lineup spanning 140 - 160W modules - the “S” series - now commercially available from its 900MW capacity Kunitomi factory in Japan.
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  • Higher conversion efficiency of 13% and positive sorting of -0/+5Wp reflect technology progress at the Solar Frontier’s 900 MW manufacturing plant

Solar Frontier is the world’s largest manufacturer of CIS thin film solar modules, using the key ingredients copper, indium, and selenium. Its CIS modules are installed on residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects worldwide.
The “S” series introduces positive sorting of -0/+5Wp, reflecting increased progress and confidence in the CIS production process at the Kunitomi plant. This allows customers to benefit from assured power ratings at or above the label value. The new 160W products have an aperture area efficiency of 14.1% and a module efficiency of 13.0%. As part of the portfolio upgrade, Solar Frontier is phasing out its 130W modules.

Atsugi Research Center achievements include pioneering work in the zinc oxide buffer compound that eliminates the need for cadmium. The Center is charged with developing and testing products that are able to deliver more kilowatt hours under actual operating conditions to meet the needs of residential, commercial and utility customers worldwide.


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