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Oct 15th, 2012
Successful migration to GaN on Si at Epistar based on AZZURRO’s 150 mm technology
The companies jointly confirmed achieving GaN‐on‐Si based LEDs utilizing Epistar’s high‐brightness LED structures and AZZURRO’s patented technology for 150 mm GaN‐on‐Si.
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The successful completion of the joined project confirmed the excellent performance that can be reached. In particular the two companies are very satisfied about the extremely short development time of only 16 weeks for transferring Epistar’s existing LED structures build on sapphire to the GaN‐on‐Si material system. This milestone takes GaN‐on‐Si one step further towards implementation in mass production.

While GaN‐on‐Si is often associated with difficult to overcome technological challenges, the use of templates with unique strain‐engineering technology from AZZURRO enables epitaxy engineers to quickly transfer their LED structures to GaN‐on‐Si. Furthermore the patented and proprietary buffer stress management enables homogeneity improvements (< 4 nm wavelength homogeneity) for LED epiwafers, helping to reduce binning and increase yield. Commenting on the time and cost effective execution of the migration, Epistar’s Lee Biing‐Jye, Chairman stated: “We are very excited about the outcome of this joined exercise which has exceeded all expectations regarding speed and cost of migration. The success helps us to utilize GaN‐on‐Si which is a game changer for the industry ‐ and Epistar as a leading innovator is part of it.”

“We are very happy to see our customers gaining the advantages of GaN‐on‐Si in such short periods when using our large area templates. It proves our business model to offer dedicated development packages and sophisticated engineering support.”, was added by Erwin Wolf, CEO of AZZURRO who continued “The technology to enable the LED industry to tap into the advantages of the volume, costeffectiveness and maturity of silicon foundries is ready with our strain‐engineered templates.”

About AZZURRO Semiconductors
AZZURRO is a strongly growing semiconductor company and has pioneered the growth of gallium nitride on silicon substrates (GaN‐on‐Si). The customers worldwide are supplied with epitaxial wafers for LED and power semiconductor applications. The use of AZZURRO’s large diameter GaN‐on‐Si‐wafers allows the industry to facilitate standard semiconductor production sites to allow massive cost savings.

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