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Nov 8th, 2011
Symposium on World-Wide Developments in Internet Technologies by the International Optoelectronics Association
EPIC, The European Photonics Industry Consortium (www.epic-assoc.com) announces the publication of the Proceedings of the Symposium on World-Wide Developments in Internet Technologies.
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The Symposium was organized by EPIC and features invited presentations from the International Optoelectronics Association. The presentations were given during the European Conference on Optical Communications - ECOC 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland on 19 September 2011.  EPIC-organized symposia are a regular feature of ECOC every year since 2004. 

The programme of the Symposium includes following presentations:
Ganesh K. Gopalakrishnan, OIDA, Washington, USA - 100 G broadband in the United States

  • Peter Shih, PIDA, Taipei Taiwan - Optical Fibre Communications Industry Status in Taiwan
  • Christoph Harder, Swiss LaserNet, Zürich, Switzerland - Swiss Way of FTTH
  • Yasuhisa Odani, OITDA, Tokyo, Japan - Optical Communication Industry and Technology in Japan
  • Tom Pearsall, EPIC, Paris France - Research and Development Initiatives Supporting Communications in Europe
  • K.Z. Cho, KAPID, Gwangju, Korea - FTTH in Korea
  • Dirk Kalinowski, OpTech-Net, Duisburg, Germany - FTTH and FITH - Complementary and Converging Networks
  • Chris Gracie, SOA, Livingston, UK - Component Development in Europe for Fiber Optic Communications


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